Invest Confidently in Digital Currencies

Easily gain exposure to digital assets via your brokerage account through the Grayscale family of products.

The Investment Landscape is Changing

Digital currencies are at the center of several trends reshaping the investment landscape, particularly demographic shifts, an updated market paradigm, and evolving regulations.

Our World is Increasingly Digital

Much like the internet did decades ago, digital currencies are radically transforming legacy financial systems around the world.

Diversification is Key

Allocating funds across different asset classes – from stocks to bonds to digital currencies – allows investors to diversify their investments. In turn, this can help investors lower their risk and generate higher returns.

Why Investors Choose Afbid

Established in 2013, Afbid Investments is behind a family of products that provides investors with access to the digital currency asset class.

Trusted & Secure

Because Afbid manages the token themselves***, investors can gain exposure to digital currency investing without the challenges of buying, storing, and safekeeping digital currencies directly.

Familiar & Compliant Product Structures

Afbid has built transparent, familiar, and compliant investment products that operate within existing regulatory frameworks (including launching the first digital currency investment vehicle to attain the status of an SEC reporting company).

Diversified Exposure

In much the same way they would access other investment products, investors can add digital currencies to their brokerage accounts via Afbid’s single-asset and diversified products.

Ready to invest ?